Health Warranty


It is very important that You read and understand the following as it affects You and ALL other Insured Persons:

You must declare all medical conditions and other circumstances

To  make sure Your Policy fully covers You for Your trip, it is important that You tell Us about any medical condition affecting thehealth of the people travelling or anyone else on whom Your trip may depend. We will assess the condition and confirm whether We can issue a policy to cover claims for that particular condition or any associated condition.

Please call the Medical Screening Helpline , if You answer “Yes” to any one of the following questions :

  1. Is any Insured Person suffering from a medical condition for which he/she:
    1. Should have sought medical advice
    2. Is under investigation?
    3. Is on a waiting list to undergo investigation?
    4. Is waiting for test results?
  2. Is any Insured Person suffering from a medical condition which he/she knows will require medical treatment during an Insured Journey?
  3. Is any Insured Person intending to travel to get medical treatment abroad?
  4. At any time during the last five years has any Insured Person been treated for alcohol or drug addiction?
  5. Is any Insured Person suffering from a psychiatric or psychological condition?
  6. Has any Insured Person ever suffered from:
    1. A cardiovascular or heart-related condition such as a heart attack, angina, chest pain or hypertension?
    2. A lung or respiratory-related condition (not including stable, Well-controlled asthma if there is no other medical condition)?
    3. Any form of cancer whether in remission or not?
    4. A cerebro-vascular condition such as a stroke or T.I.A. (transient ischaemic attack)?
    5. A renal condition or diabetes?
  7.  Is the 12 months before the purchase of this Policy and until the start of any Insured Journey has any Insured Person suffered from a medical condition for which he/she:
    1. Is being prescribed regular medication?
    2. Is receiving treatment of any kind?
    3. Is on a waiting list for inpatient hospital treatment?
    4. Has required an organ transplant or required dialysis?
  8.  Is any Insured Person suffering from a medical condition which could reasonably be expected to give rise to a claim?
  9. Is any Relative or Colleague of an Insured Person, or someone with whom You are going to travel or stay, suffering from a medical condition which could reasonably be expected to give rise to a claim?
  10. Are You or any other Insured Person currently aware of any other circumstances which are likely to lead to a claim being made under this Policy
  11. Have You or any other Insured Person made, or tried to make, 3 or more travel insurance claims in the last 5 years?

Changes in health

If, after You purchase Your Policy or before booking any new trips or before starting a trip, any of the following happens:

  • You are diagnosed with a new medical condition; or
  • You experience new or recurring symptoms or have an undiagnosed condition; or
  • Your doctor or consultant adds to or changes Your prescribed medication; or
  • You receive inpatient medical treatment; or
  • You are placed on a waiting list for investigation or medical treatment;

You must call Our Medical Screening Helpline on 01784 772 670. A member of the team will ask You specific questions about Your medical condition(s). This may result in You needing to pay an additional premium to allow cover to continue for Your Pre-existing Medical Conditions and associated conditions.

If Your health changes and We are unable to continue to provide cover or if You do not wish to pay the additional premium, You will be entitled to make a claim under the “Cancellation” section for Your costs, which cannot be recovered elsewhere, for trips booked before Your change in health.Alternatively, You will be entitled to cancel Your Policy, in which case We will refund a proportion of Your premium.

Please note that Your general practitioner or consultant telling You that You are Well enough to travel does not mean that You will be covered for Your Pre-existing Medical Condition(s). If You have any concerns regarding whether or not You will be covered please contact Our Medical Screening Helpline on 01784 772 670.

You must take all reasonable care to avoid or prevent Injury. Illness, loss’ theft or damage

Everyone named on Your Policy Schedule must take all reasonable care to avoid or prevent Illness or Bodily Injury toeveryone covered under Your Policy and to avoid or prevent loss, theft or damage to everything covered under Your Policy.

Failure to take reasonable steps to avoid or prevent Illness, Bodily Injury, loss, theft or damage will result in a deduction from anyclaim payment, or may result in Your claim not being paid.

Changes in health and other circumstances

 You must tell Us as soon as reasonably possible if:

  • Your address or email address has changed; or
  • You or any person named on Your Policy Schedule are no longer a resident in the United Kingdom; or
  • You require any additional cover to be added to Your Policy; or
  • Your trip destination changes and is outside the geographical limits covered by Your Policy; or
  • You wish to add another traveller to Your Policy; or
  • There are any changes in Your health or the health of anyone on whom Your trip may depend.

We may reassess Your cover and premiums when We are told about changes in Your circumstances. If You do not tell Usabout a change in Your circumstances, the wrong terms may be quoted, a claim might be rejected or payment could be reduced. In some circumstances Your Policy might be invalid.

Reciprocal health agreements

If You require medical treatment during Your trip then in the first instance You must make use of any reciprocal health agreement between the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man and the country You have travelled to.

In the event of liability being accepted for a medical expense that have been reduced by the use of a reciprocal health agreement then We will not apply the deduction of the Excess under Section 1 (Medical Emergency & Repatriation).

Australia and New Zealand

If You require medical treatment in;

  • Australia – You must enrol with a local MEDICARE office
  • New Zealand – You must go to a state medical facility and present Your passport at the time of treatment If You are admitted to hospital, contact must be made with Our Assistance Company as soon as

For more details please see:

 Medical Screening Helpline :

Tel : 01784 772 670

Mon-Fri : 09:00 to 17:15

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