Hazardous Activities & Winter Sports

If you are planning on taking part in any Hazardous Activities or Winter Sports, you must ensure you have adequate cover. The following information details what our Policies offer and cover so please read carefully and if you are unsure please contact us.

Important Note: Hazardous Activity or Winter Sports cover is only available as a top up to our Deluxe cover only.

We break activities down into lists, depending on deemed risks involved. Hazardous Activities is a separate list to Winter Sports. Please check carefully to ensure you purchase the correct cover.

Hazardous Activities

Occasional participation in the following listed activities and sports (list A, B, C & D), on a recreational, non-competitive and non-professional basis, can be covered subject to all recognised equipment and safety precautions being utilised. This is only valid on Deluxe policies, NO cover provided on Basic & Standard Policies. Activities are subject to increased Medical Excess as indicated below and may have restrictions on the Personal Accident and/or Personal Liability cover during that activity.

If you wish to participate in an activity detailed in List C or D then you must add on and pay the Hazardous Activity premium.

All activities detailed in List E cannot be covered.

List (A) – Activities or Sports subject to £150 Medical Excess (max age 69 years old):


Athletics (amateur)


Banana Boat Rides

Bar Work



Beach Cricket

Board Sailing (Windsurfing)

Body Boarding

Boogie Boarding

Bowls (including competitions

Bridge Walking e.g. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Camel/Elephant riding

Canoeing/Kayaking – up to Grade 2 rivers only

Canopy Walking




Cycling (only if wearing a helmet, but no cover for mountain biking; racing and main purpose of trip) Fell Walking (no climbing)


Football/Soccer (non-competitive)

Golf Gymnastics (no competitions)

Hiking/Trekking/Walking under 2,500 metres

Ice Skating

MANUAL WORK at ground level involving no machinery

Marathon Running

Mountain Biking (recreational including general cross country and off-road cycling)

Paddle Boarding


Restaurant Work

River Tubing (up to grade 2 rivers and not through caves)

Roller blading/line skating (wearing pads and helmets)


Running (not long distance)

Safari (professionally organised and without guns)

Sailing (inland waters or COASTAL waters within 12 miles of land)

* SCUBA Diving (down to 30 metres accompanied by a qualified diver or instructor)

Sleigh riding as a passenger






Swimming with dolphins



Ten pin bowling



Zip lining/wiring (professionally organised)

List (B) – Activities or Sports subject to £150 Medical Excess (max age 69 years old). No cover is provided for Personal Accident or Personal Liability whilst participating in the following activities:




Flotilla Sailing (with professional leader)

Go Karting

Hot Air Ballooning (organised pleasure rides only)

Indoor Rock Climbing (with belays)

Jet Boating (as a passenger only and no racing)

Paint Balling (eye protection must be worn)

Kayaking (only if wearing a life-jacket and helmet and only on inland and COASTAL waters – not white water, up to grade 3 river only)

Motor cycling as a rider or passenger on a machine 125cc or under (YOU must wear a crash helmet and, as a rider, have held a motorcycle licence for at least 3 years and are conviction free) Parascending over water

Rowing (no racing)

Segway riding (organised tours only and a safety helmet must be worn)


Trekking under 2,500 meters altitude Zorbing

List (C) – Activities or Sports subject to £150 Medical Excess (max age 69 years old) and subject to additional premium.

Abseiling (within organiser’s guidelines)

Black Water Rafting (up to grade 3 within organiser’s guideline)

Land Skiing (not on snow)


Rap Jumping/Running (within organiser’s guidelines)

Safari Trekking on foot (must be an organised tour booked in the UK)

Sea Kayaking

White Water Rafting (up to grade 3 within organiser’s guidelines)

List (D) – Activities or Sports subject to £150 Medical Excess (max age 69 years old) and subject to additional premium. No cover is provided for Personal Accident or Personal Liability whilst participating in the following activities:

Breathing Observation Bubble (BOB)

Bungee Jumping

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Cycle Touring

Hiking/Trekking/Walking between 2,500 meters and 4,000 meters

Horse Riding (no competitions/racing/jumping/ hunting. A safety helmet must be worn)

Jet Biking (no racing)

Jet Skiing (no racing)

Kayaking (up to grade 4 rivers only)

Pony Trekking (safety helmet must be worn)

List (E) – The following Activities and Sports are NOT covered under this policy:

Base Jumping

Big Game Hunting

BMX Stunt Riding





Cycle Racing

Flying except as a fare paying passenger in a licenced passenger carrying aircraft

Free / High Diving


Hang Gliding

Judo / Karate / Martial Arts

Kite Surfing


Micro Lighting

Motorcycling as a rider or passenger on a machine over 125cc




Parascending over land


Professional / Semi Professional Sports

Quad Biking

Rock Climbing

Sailing outside territorial waters

Scuba Diving below 30 meters

Shark Cage Diving

Shark Diving


Track days using motorised vehicles

Water Ski Jumping


White Water Rafting (grade 4 and above)


* SCUBA Diving conditions:

Qualified divers, diving with a qualified dive-buddy and in accordance with the guidelines of the relevant diving organisation with which You are qualified will be covered as follows:

Qualification Maximum depth: Maximum depth:
PADI Open Water 18 metres
BSAC Ocean Diver 20 metres 20 metres
BSAC Sports Diver, BSAC Dive Leader & PADI Advance Open Water 30 metres

Other qualifications may be accepted but must be declared to us prior to travel.

If you do not hold a diving qualification, we will only cover you to dive to a maximum depth of 18 metres when accompanied by and under the direction of a qualified diving instructor as part of an accredited course. You will not be covered under this policy if you travel by air within 24 hours after participating in scuba diving.

Winter Sports

Winter Sports cover is only available when the applicable premium has been purchased in conjunction with our deluxe policy. Winter Sports are not covered under any section of the policy, unless you pay the additional premium to include this cover. Winter sports cover is only available for persons under 66 years of age.

We offer 2 levels of Winter Sports cover, Basic and Advanced. Detailed in the lists below are what is covered in both basic and advanced. Please refer to the full policy wording document click here to see full details of cover on offer under both options and any applicable terms, conditions and excess amounts.

Level 1 – Basic cover



Off-piste skiing

(all activities must be on recognised routes or with a qualified guide)

Ski Equipment

Ski Pack

Level 2 – Advanced cover

All in List A and

Piste Closure

Avalanche Cover

If you are purchasing an Annual Policy with either Winter Sports cover (Basic or Advanced) please note the maximum limit is 17 days per Policy.

For more information and to see the above lists within the policy wording document please click here and refer to “HAZARDOUS ACTIVITY & WINTER SPORTS” on Pages 8-10 and “COVER AND PREMIUM CHOICE / WINTER SPORTS” on Page 10.

If you are unsure about anything regarding Winter Sports or Hazardous Activities, please feel free to contact us. Contact details can be found on the ‘Contact Us’ page under the ‘General Information’ tab.

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