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If you are calling from overseas and your call is concerning a Medical Emergency Or you simply require some Assistance, you should contact your 24 hour assistance company detailed on your certificate of insurance, details of which can be found within your actual policy wording document.

For certificates issued ; on / and after the 01/02/2014, please call EMERGENCY MEDICAL ASSISTANCE SERVICES on ;- 0044 1444 454577.

For all certificates issued between 01/12/2011 and 31/01/2014, please call GOUDA MEDICAL EMERGENCY CENTRE ON ;- 0044 0843 5323800.

However, if your call is to obtain a quote for travel insurance, then please contact us on ;- Insuremore 0844 567 5028, Monday to Friday between 0900 to 1730, where our sales team will happily assist you.

Kind regards Insuremore.